Circulars/Speaking orders & Restrictive Industries


Office Order regarding Grant of Occupation Certificate and uploading the inspection report within 24 hrs on e-Sewa portal

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Uploaded Date : 16/05/2017                    Last Updated Date:16/05/2017

Extract of the Minutes of the 334th Meeting of the Board of Directors of HSIIDC held on 8/8/16 w.r.t. ammendments in EMP-2015.

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Uploaded Date : 26/08/16                                   Last Updated Date: 26/08/16

Operational Circular regarding provisions pertaining to execution of conveyance deed

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Uploaded Date : 26/07/16                                      Last Updated Date: 26/07/16

Office order regarding delegation of powers to EEC & DLCC

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Uploaded Date : 26/07/16                                      Last Updated Date: 26/07/16

Amendments in Estate Management Procedure (EMP) 2015

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Uploaded Date : 13/07/2016                                          Last Updated Date: 13/07/2016

PUBLIC NOTICE w.r.t. Procedure/guidelines for remitting payments to HSIIDC w.r.t. industrial plots using the integrated payment gateway through web portal

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Uploaded Date : 06/04/16                                      Last Updated Date: 06/04/16 

List of successful applicants who have been allotted industrial plots in various IMTs/I.E.s of HSIIDC under NRI Category

File Type: List of architects Size: 65 KB                                     Language : English

Uploaded Date : 29/02/16                                      Last Updated Date:29/02/16 

Proposed Changes/Relaxations in Estate Management Procedures (EMP)-2015

File Type: List of architects Size: 119.84 KB                                     Language : English
Uploaded Date : 27/02/16                                      Last Updated Date:27/02/16