Circulars/Speaking orders & Restrictive Industries


Notification w.r.t. ECBC mandate

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Uploaded Date : 11/09/17                           Last Updated Date:11/09/17

Notification Single/Joint mandate

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Result of draw held on 27/10/2017 for allotment of residential plots in IGC Saha

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Office Order w.r.t. revision in rate of interest

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Office Order dated:27.06.2017 w.r.t. e-Governance project- Delivery of online services

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Uploaded Date : 31/08/2017                    Last Updated Date: 31/08/17

Office Order dated:31.08.2017 w.r.t. Filing of Applications for granting clearances through HEPC portal

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Draw of lots for allocation of plot numbers to be held on 18.08.2017

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Office Order regarding Grant of Occupation Certificate and uploading the inspection report within 24 hrs on e-Sewa portal

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Uploaded Date : 16/05/2017                    Last Updated Date:16/05/2017

Draw of lots for allocation of plots numbers in un-saturated Industrial Estates

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Uploaded Date : 17/11/16                                   Last Updated Date: 17/11/16

Extract of the Minutes of the 334th Meeting of the Board of Directors of HSIIDC held on 8/8/16 w.r.t. ammendments in EMP-2015.

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Operational Circular regarding provisions pertaining to execution of conveyance deed

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Amendments in Estate Management Procedure (EMP) 2015

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Uploaded Date : 13/07/2016                                          Last Updated Date: 13/07/2016

List of successful applicants who have been allotted industrial plots in various IMTs/I.E.s of HSIIDC under NRI Category

Proposed Changes/Relaxations in Estate Management Procedures (EMP)-2015

Office order w.r.t. revision of procedure for mortgage of industrial plots/sheds as per the clause 12.11 of EMP 2015.
Office order w.r.t. revised Estate Management Procedure 2015
Office order for uniform system of charging the interest/delayed interest on the installments of plot cost/enhanced cost

Restrictive List of  of Industries

Allotment rates of Industrial Plots/Sheds for Financial Year 2015-16 w.e.f 16.10.2015 

Minutes of the meeting of the Appellate Committee under the Chairmanship of Principal Secretary, Industries, Haryana held on 13.06.2015 in the Corporate office of the Corporation to consider the appeals against resumption of plots.

Expression of  Interest - allotment of plots/sheds under Udhyog Kunj Scheme

Decesion on pending applications for allotment of Industrial Plots/Sheds

Speaking order of Constituted Committee on 27.04.2015  in respect of enhanced cost in Phase-IV, IMT-Manesar

Decision on pending applications for allotment of Industrial Plots/Sheds

Revised Allotment Procedure

Speaking orders of MD/HSIIDC - CWP No.10587 of 2014 matter pertaining to enhanced compensation of Rs.961.66 Per Sq. Mtr

Office order related to issue of permission to mortgage in all cases 

Option for conversion of Electronic Hardware Technology Park (EHTP), Kundli and Apparel & Textiles Industrial Park at Barhi as general Industrial Estates 

Speaking orders - CWP No.10579 of 2011 titled Chamber of Indusrtry of Udyog Vihar Vs. State of Haryana & Ors. - The matter pertaining to EMP-2011

Order passed regarding  recovery of EDC in U.V. Phase-I to V, Gurgaon

Order regarding payment of enhanced compensation

List of applicants who had applied for 20% rebate on land cost under State Govt.Industri

al Policy, 1999

Relaxation in the conditions of implementation of the project - Office orders


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